Walk With The Grizzlies

High Adventure For Grizzly Bear Thrill Seekers!

Find out what’s around that next bend in the river where nobody goes.  Experience raw nature as this exclusive adventure takes you into the very heart of the grizzly’s domain where he dines at leisure and undisturbed on wild spawning salmon that will sustain him through winter’s hibernation.

Walk with the Bear Whisperer™ up a remote salmon spawning river where the bears retreat to solitude and enjoy their salmon fishing and feasting at leisure in the heart of the Cariboo Mountains. This thrilling adventure has you walking among the bears in the boreal forest and on the river banks of the salmon infested waters. With the sounds of salmon splashing and eagles crying overhead you will watch the grizzlies in the heart of nature’s buffet. Its high adventure where only a few people have had this rare opportunity to walk among the bears. Its thrilling and not for the faint of heart. It can be extremely dangerous as you come in close proximity of the grizzlies – the kings of the mountains – but also an exhilarating adrenaline rush.

About This Adventure

Walking up a salmon spawning river where grizzlies can appear from the depths of the forest to fish for wild salmon at any time with eagles and ravens crying overhead is an adrenaline pumping thrill like no other.  Its nature in the raw and in all its natural glory in the ancient interior rainforest of the Cariboo Mountains.  This is a true wilderness experience – the kind that connects with nature and inspires those elusive life changing moments.


Cycle of Life

The rush of the glacial fed river is tempered with the sounds of brilliant red and green spawning salmon as they slap and splash in the spawning beds.  But keep a sharp watch, as that splash you just heard may not have been from a splashing salmon, but from a grizzly as he attempts to catch his salmon dinner.

Grizzlies are an integral part of the ecosystems they inhabit.  Being omnivores the diet of mountain grizzlies consists of a wide variety of plants, berries, and grubs and insects, for most of the year until the salmon spawn draws them to the rivers for their annual salmon feast.  As we watch the bears catching and eating salmon it’s easy to see how important this annual ritual is for the grizzlies and also for the river ecosystems.  The spawning and decaying salmon not only feed the bears, but they also feed the forests as the bears often take the salmon into the forests to enjoy their meal at leisure.   What they don’t eat decays where it is left or is consumed by birds and other animals that cannot catch their own salmon but depend on the bears for the leftover tidbits for their salmon feast.  From the decaying salmon and also the scat of the animals the forest receives fertilization and renewal for the plant life it supports.  Essentially, nothing is wasted in nature as it goes back to Mother Nature’s garden.

Trip Highlights

  • Exclusive adventure only available for a few weeks per year during the peak of the salmon runs
  • Walking in the footsteps of the grizzlies on pristine salmon spawning rivers
  • Find out what’s around that next bend in the river
  • Experience the life of the grizzly and learn the grizzly facts of life  as only you can with the Cariboo Mountains Bear Whisperer™
  • Photograph mountain grizzlies on salmon rivers that have run through the ancient forests since the last ice age.
  • We often see the same bears on the rivers every year. Individual Grizzly Bears are generally identifiable by family traits like colouring, gestures and gaits, and some have definite facial features like a full grizzled ruff around their faces.
  • Watch for beautifully coloured grizzlies as colours range from blonde and light brown to reddish or cinnamon, dark brown and black.

This is a total connection with nature where there is no distractions and you can touch the heart and soul of nature.  It’s a place where you challenge your inner self but find peace in the solitude of the wilderness.  A place where adventure is your destination and nature gives you more than you seek!

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