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Grizzlies & Salmon ~ The Cycle of Life ~ Canadian Signature Experience

Bears Through The Seasons – Travel the bear trails of the Iconic Grizzly with The Bear Whisperer™

Bear watching in each of the seasons, spring, summer and fall, is distinctively different offering uniquely diverse perspectives into the lives of the bears and other wildlife that inhabit the Cariboo Mountains. And they are all truly amazing wilderness experiences!

We are the only bear viewing specialists that follow the bears through the seasons – spring, summer and fall.  The Grizzlies and all wildlife we view are wild and free and unhabituated. There are no viewing platforms. We take you to the bear’s forest homes.

Grizzly Bear viewing is done on the river estuaries and mountain slides of rivers and in the mountain valleys. Access is by 4×4, hiking and jetboats.



As winter snows melt the bears emerge from their long winter hibernation  and are drawn to lower elevations where the tender spring grasses and sedges are sprouting and feed is plentiful. Observe grizzly moms with their shiny new cubs romping along side, mating pairs and juveniles out on their own for the first time. Spring is an excellent time for bear watching and enjoying the rejuvenation & rebirth of the land.


Exciting grizzly bear and wildlife watching in diverse wilderness mountain terrain. As summer temperatures climb the grizzlies move to higher elevations into the boreal forest and the high alpine basins and valleys in the Cariboo Mountains. Some bears stay on the rivers as they await the early summer Chinook salmon run. Explore the river ecosystems by jetboat. the later summer the bears frequent the mountain berry patches where we often share in their feast of blueberries, mountain huckleberries, raspberries, and saskatoons. Watch the bears, moose, deer, beaver, and other wildlife and birds and perhaps a wolf, or otter.

Fall – Grizzly Bears & Salmon
The Cycle of Life

Fall grizzly bear watching on the wilderness salmon spawning rivers with The Bear Whisperer™. It just doesn’t get any better. The arrival of the salmon in the rivers quickly draws the grizzlies to the rivers for their annual feast at nature’s buffet in preparation for their winter hibernation. Watch the iconic grizzly bears fishing for salmon as they prepare for hibernation. Fall Grizzly viewing in September and October is done over the salmon runs on the rivers by jetboat. We travel up the bear viewing rivers and then spend the day drifting down watching the bears and other wildlife and birds, enjoying the wilderness river ecosystem. For some rivers we access the area by 4x4 vehicles followed by short hikes into the river viewing.

The sockeye salmon travel thousands of miles from the Gulf of Alaska down the coast of British Columbia and up the Fraser River, their highway to the interior spawning rivers of their birth. This mighty feat of nature is an amazing and wondrous sight to behold.  And even more amazing is the grizzlies as they wander the river banks splashing in the river catching the scarlet hued salmon.

  • Iconic Grizzlies chasing splashing salmon that have travelled thousands of miles to the waters of their birth to ensure the future of wild salmon
  • Amazing grizzly viewing and photographic opportunities
  • Travel up the rivers by jetboat and spend the day drifting down watching the grizzlies
The Quesnel Lake watershed hosts the one of largest sockeye salmon runs in the world with several million fish returning to the rivers on a major run year (50,000 to 500,000 on minor run years).

Most of these areas we can access and be in the alpine and be walking the peaks in under an hour. These areas offer excellent viewing and photographic opportunities as you walk along the high alpine peaks and ridges and view the mountain valleys below. Besides the iconic Grizzly Bears guests may also see moose, mountain caribou, black bear, mountain goats, wolves, mule deer, wolverine, lynx and a variety of mountain song birds, smaller animals and alpine plants and flowers.

We are in interior temperate rainforest with unique ecosystems and ancient forests with huge trees over a thousand years old. The diversity of the landscape and the wildlife it is home to makes for an unforgettable truly Canadian wilderness adventure.

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