Spirit of the Mountains

Experience the mountains and amazing encounters with nature and wildlife.  High adventure canoeing a wilderness river, hiking in remote mountain valleys and alpine, and heli-adventure in remotest part of Cariboo Mountains.

Amazing Mountain Adventure Experience! Amazing Alpine Hiking and Wildlife Viewing in the Cariboo Mountains!
Experience the mountains and amazing encounters with nature and wildlife. Totally disconnect from the electronic world and realities of day-to-day life.

Challenge your sense of adventure and connect with the wild side of nature in the wilderness back country of the Cariboo Mountains. This exciting back country adventure takes you from glacier fed rivers to the high alpine, the ‘land beyond the tree’. Meet the mountain dwellers – grizzlies, moose, Mountain Caribou and other wildlife - and experience life in the wild. Listen to the wilderness, the mountains and the forests; hear the creeks and streams tumbling down the mountainsides voicing the pure ancient wisdom of Mother Nature.

Trek into the land beyond the tree and a world of spectacular mountain peaks, pure fresh air, exhilarating freedom and the wild side of nature. Amazing back country and alpine hiking in mountain valleys and in the peaks , canoeing a wilderness river gliding with the flow of the river – the only sounds - the dip of your paddle and the forest as you silently enter the world of the bears and nature. Pass quietly through boreal forests lush with mountain berry patches on your way to alpine heights.

A Truly Canadian
Wilderness Experience!

Imagine the magic of being whisked away by from the busy everyday world to remote peace and solitude amid the magnificence of the Cariboo Mountains wilderness. This is a really special adventure, accessible only to a very lucky few, in spectacular remote high mountain valleys with beautiful lakes, grizzly bears and wildlife and spectacular mountain scenery.
Let it touch your soul – invigorate and recharge your inner being. This pure life experience in a place where your only neighbours are mountain goats, mountain caribou, grizzlies and blackbears, moose and wolves.  It’s just you and the wilderness.   It’s a rustic yet satisfyingly complete spirit quest and way of interacting with nature on its own terms where time is seemingly endless.

Bring Your Sense Of Adventure On a High Alpine Quest

The amazing diversity of the area with its ancient rainforest, marshlands, boreal forests, rolling grasslands and spectacular alpine and the wildlife and birdlife that call it home is sure to touch your soul and give you more than one those unforgettable moments in nature.  Feel the touch of nature and your cares slip away as you quietly walk the game trails that the bears, moose, mountain caribou and mountain goats, wolves and wolverines and other mountain dwellers have travelled for eons passing through boreal forests and mountain berry patches into the high country where wild flowers blanket the alpine meadows.  Discover extraordinary river ecosystems by canoe.  A heli-adventure into a remote mountain wilderness where you walk the peaks watching bears and wildlife from grizzlies and Mountain goats to marmots and birds at home in the alpine.

Trip Highlights

  • A land of diverse mountain landscapes, exquisite rivers and lakes, and a rare interior ancient rainforest
  • Always in bear country – observe the diversity of wildlife as you watch  grizzlies, moose, Mountain Caribou and perhaps see a wolf or lynx as you travel the boreal forest and alpine
  • Amazing alpine hiking from lowlands to alpine in the Cariboo Mountains
  • Canoeing a wilderness river watching bears/wildlife and birds and marvelling at the river ecosystem
  • Taking in the spectacular views on a special heli-adventure in a remote part of the Cariboo Mountains to hike along the peaks where the grizzlies and their cubs roam freely in their natural world.

On this adventure the Spirit Of The Mountains is sure to tug at your soul and give you exquisite moments in nature and perhaps even life changing moments.

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