BC Grizzly Bear Tours - Glamping with Grizzlies

Connect with the wild side of nature in the wilderness back country of the Cariboo Mountains.

We are sorry to say that we will not be offering the
Camping WIth Grizzlies package for the 2020 Season

We look forward to offering this amazing experience in 2021

The floating glamping lodge, set in the heart of the Cariboo Mountains’ grizzly country, is in a quiet bay on the deepest fjord lake on earth near the mouth of one of the major salmon spawning rivers.  From the floating lodge experience a wide diversity of incredible experiences that include exceptional bear and wildlife viewing, birding, walking safaris through the rare interior rainforest with trees over 1000 years old, kayaking, forest bathing, hiking in rich boreal forests and alpine, exploring unique ecosystems with rare plants and spectacular wild flowers.  

The floating glamping lodge equipped with luxury wall tents gives you 360 degree mountain views where you can see bears and other wildlife from dawn to dark.  And don’t forget a view like this ensures the brilliance of the nighttime skies where the stars that brighten the heavens are only dimmed when the Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis dance across the skies.  This is the ideal place to disconnect from one’s busy everyday life – reinvigorate and re-energize as you feel the freedom and exhilaration breathing the fresh pure mountain air as the everyday stresses of life quickly ebb away in the peaceful quiet of this mountain paradise.


The tents are fully equipped with a relaxing décor, comfortable beds supported on handmade log frames and eco-friendly bathrooms with running water, showers and compost toilets.  Enjoy chef prepared meals from freshly sourced local food products.


Connect with the wild side of nature...

...in the wilderness back country of the Cariboo Mountains. Quesnel Lake is the deepest fjord lake on earth and sits at the heart of a rare ancient interior rainforest. Its clear waters are fed by the many surrounding mountain rivers and streams that originate high in mountain peaks in the ancient icefields.

On bear viewing excursions you will marvel at this ancient forest with gigantic western red cedar trees over 1000 years old as much as you will marvel at the iconic wild mountain grizzlies as you make your way to bear viewing sites on the river. The lush vegetation is reminiscent of an ancient age. Listen to the wilderness, the mountains and the forests – hear them speak to your soul as your adventure unfolds. Hear the creeks and streams tumbling down the mountainsides voicing the pure ancient wisdom of mother nature. Hear the multitudes of birds singing and chirping, the scurrying of small creatures, the voice of the wind sighing through the trees or just listen to the golden silence. Feel the cool winds as they swirl from  mountain peaks to softly stir the ancient forest.

From the glamping lodge you have:

  • Magical 360-degree mountain views, star gazing and northern lights at night; wake to the haunting early morning call of the loon.
  • Grizzly bears and salmon on wilderness rivers by jet boat, wildlife, birds and nature.
  • Walking safari through rare ancient old growth forest to grizzly/wildlife viewing sites.
  • Hiking from old growth forest through boreal forest and into the alpine.
  • Kayaking the world’s deepest fjord lake, exploring ancient old growth forest and limestone caves.
  • Raw nature, wild flowers and plants, and unique ecosystems.
  • Over 30 years experience guiding the wilderness traveller.

Travel this wild country and the rivers of the mountain valleys with Gary Zorn, the Bear Whisperer™, and team of professional guides. Gary’s passion for the ‘big bears’ has led him into the backcountry for many years where he has observed the bears, their habits and habitats and discovered many interesting facts about them. Gary has a lifetime of grizzly bear and wildlife experience that has provided him with an untold wealth of knowledge, stories and delightful entertainment. You will learn much about the bears that few people have had the chance to experience. This is the wild side of nature. Learn about wildlife and the plants and birds that make up the ecosystems of this unique part of the natural world. This adventure is a unique learning experience with insights into the very soul of Canada’s most iconic mountain features – peaks and grizzlies. It is adventure in a very special place far from the beaten tourist tracks. You will be guided by professional guides who will ensure a memorable experience in the truly Canadian tradition. Come visit this magical place for the ultimate glamping adventure and an authentic Canadian Wilderness experience

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