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We are often asked what is unique about our tours. The pure intrinsic value of tours with Ecotours-BC lies in your total immersion and connection with nature. A tour with Ecotours-BC connects you with wild creatures in their natural habitat in ways you have never known.

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Gary Zorn has a passion for the big bears – the grizzlies. With Gary you will meet the Cariboo Mountains grizzly bears in their wild natural habitat. Gary has devoted his life studying the social hierarchy, habits, habitat and body language of these creatures while communing with them on their turf. Grizzlies, one of the largest predatory and most solitary species with their razor sharp claws, big demeanor, tell-tale hump over the shoulder and dished nose are unmistakable – the undisputed signature species of the Canadian wilderness.


From the wetlands to the alpine travel the trails of these great animals with Gary. He knows the bears here intimately from their unique habits, temperaments, family units and colorings. While amongst the grizzlies, Gary thinks like a bear. As he communicates with the bears he speaks in a soft monotone, and filled with his special brand of humour, he conveys calmness but can also convey a stern command – “Hey, bear, how’s the fishin’?”. “Enough bear, back off now”. These bears are wild, free and unhabituated.


With over 30 years experience Gary maintains a constant and vigilant respect for the bears. His most often repeated advice in bear viewing – “Grizzly Bears are wild animals. Remain calm. Never run from a bear.” High safety standards ensure guests enjoy this unique experience and see some of Canada’s premier wildlife in close proximity, ideal for photography and just experiencing nature in the raw.

Bear Viewing Season and Options

We are the only bear viewing specialists that follow the bears through the seasons – spring, summer and fall. Spring Grizzly Bear viewing is done on the estuaries and on the slides of the Matthew and Mitchell Rivers, on the Cariboo River and in the mountain valleys. Access is by 4×4, short hikes and jetboats.


The early spring grasses and sedges sprouting in the lowlands and along the shores of Quesnel Lake draws the bears to the lower elevations where feed is plentiful after the long winter hibernation period.

Season - May thru October

The bears are in the high alpine basins and valleys in the Cariboo Mountains. Viewing at this time involves alpine hiking. Some areas we can access and be in the alpine and on top of the peaks in under an hour. These areas offer excellent viewing and photographic opportunities as you walk along the high alpine peaks and ridges and view the mountain valleys below. Travel time to get to the trailheads is an hour or less from the lodge. Besides grizzlies guests may also see moose, mountain caribou, black bear, mountain goats, wolves, mule deer, wolverine, lynx and a variety of mountain song birds, smaller animals and unique alpine plants and flowers.


Fall Grizzly viewing in September and October is done primarily over the salmon runs on the rivers by jet boats. Toward the end of August the sockeye salmon begin to arrive in the Cariboo Mountains Quesnel Lake watershed and travel up the rivers and tributaries to the spawning redds of their birth where they will lay their eggs to ensure future generations and end their lives. These fish have traveled thousands of miles, often from the gulf of Alaska all the way down the coast of British Columbia where they enter the Fraser River, their highway to the interior spawning rivers, then up the Quesnel River and into the rivers of their birth in the Quesnel Lake watershed. This is a mighty feat of nature and is an amazing and wondrous site to behold. The arrival of the salmon in the rivers quickly draws the grizzlies to the rivers for their fall feast at nature’s buffet in preparation for their winter’s hibernation. The Quesnel Lake watershed hosts the largest sockeye salmon runs in the world with an average of 5 to 7 million fish returning to the rivers on a major run year (50,000 to 500,000 on minor run years).


On all of our wildlife viewing trips safety is first and foremost for both the wildlife and our guests. We are especially vigilant and safety conscious on our bear viewing excursions. Our guides are experienced, qualified professionals. Knowing and recognizing bear body language plays an important role in safe viewing. The bears we view are wild bears in their natural habitat. They are not habituated bears used to being around people. We keep in mind at all times that we are visitors and guests in their homes and we do everything possible to avoid stressing and impacting them as they go about the usual business of their daily lives and foraging for food. They are intelligent, often playful and very entertaining. Guests regularly comment that seeing the grizzlies is the highlight of their vacation trip.

Season - Fall

All the seasons in the Cariboo Mountains are spectacular in their mountain beauty. The splendor of autumn is particularly magical and enchanting as the withdrawal of summer heralds the coming of autumn with its crisp cool mornings and warm sunlit days. Picture yourself on the shore of Quesnel Lake, the deepest fjord lake on earth, with the sun rising over the snowcapped mountain peaks to illuminate the brilliantly colored yellows, oranges and reds mixed in with the shades of green of the surrounding forests. The crisp, lightly frosted morning comes alive with the sounds of nature and woodland life surrounded by magnificent snowcapped mountains, old growth forests with trees over 1000 years old, wildlife, birds, unique eco-systems, and outstanding beauty. Ecotours-BC has many unforgettable scenes like this.


We use jetboats to access the rivers and then drift down which gives you an up close and personal view of the rivers, the ecosystems and the wildlife inhabitants. It is a unique and safe way to view bears and enjoy the wilderness rivers in the Cariboo Mountains.


Come and join Gary and Ecotours – BC for this unique experience. Hear his engaging and often humorous bear stories and learn about these magnificent animals from his knowledge and experience in the world of the great bears. A truly Canadian wilderness adventure this is not just a grizzly bear viewing trip. It’s a pure intimate experience with nature – one that has the power to enlighten and redefine one’s inner self.

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The Canadian Signature Experiences collection offers an introduction to the best Canada – and Canadians – has to offer. It shows the world what Canada’s about and the experiences waiting for you.


Walk With The Grizzlies - High Adventure For Grizzly Bear Thrill Seekers!

WALK with the Bear Whisperer™ up a remote salmon spawning river where the bears retreat to solitude and enjoy their salmon fishing and feasting at leisure in the heart of the Cariboo Mountains. Photograph mountain grizzlies on salmon rivers that have run through the ancient forests since the last ice age. This thrilling adventure has you walking among the bears in the boreal forest and on the river banks of the salmon infested waters. With the sounds of salmon splashing and eagles crying overhead you will watch the grizzlies in the heart of nature’s buffet. Its high adventure where only a few people have had this rare opportunity to walk among the bears. Its thrilling and not for the faint of heart. It can be extremely dangerous as you come in close proximity of the grizzlies – the kings of the mountains – but also an exhilarating adrenalin rush.


This exclusive adventure is limited to 2 people per group and is available for only a few weeks per year.


Our lodge is located on the Quesnel River at the outlet of Quesnel Lake and the foot of the Cariboo Mountains in Likely, British Columbia.

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